Highlights from Fuller House AOL Build + Fuller House Release Time


The cast of Fuller House was just on AOL Build. I copied a few highlights from it. Fuller House will be released on Netflix at 12:01AM Eastern per Jodie Sweetin. Here some highlights from the interview. When the video goes up we’ll make another post.

-Talks of Fuller House started in 2007.

-Stephanie has an english accent in a part of a scene.

-DJ is a vetrinarian

-Candace says there is a lot of her in DJ and she loves where DJ is at as an adult

-Andrea was nervous at first because she’s been out of this business for 20 years but slipped back into the Kimmy role effortlessly. She says Kimmy has matured, she’s a single mom, a party planner but is still zany.

-We are going to see DJ explore the dating world, but Steve is back. She says its good that DJ and Steve didn’t get married because if so then he’d be obviously not here.

-Cast says its unexpected that Kimmy ended up with a hot guy. She’s excited for people to see the chemistry between Kimmy and her ex.

-Stephanie is single and a musician much like Uncle Jesse

-Full House cast has remained really close for all the years.

-Candace said they would have to help Bob Saget with his lines (LOL)

-The older cast members pop in and out.

-Jodie said the three of them (her, Andrea, and Candace) are super close.

-They are excited for everyone to see it.

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    the asked for questions to be submitted, but never addressed them. only the live audience got to ask questions.