Interviewed Jodie,Andrea,and Candace

vlcsnap-2016-01-15-17h28m50s014 sat down with Jodie, Andrea and Candace to talk about Fuller House. They mostly discussed their kids and parenting. At the end of the article it says that Fuller House will be released on Netflix at 3AM Eastern.

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When did your kids realize you were on TV and what was that like?

Barber: First grade is when they start to develop awareness. At my kids’ school, the kindergarteners are clueless, the first graders are getting smarter, the second graders are like, “(Gasp!) You are in Full House!” And I’m like, “I’ve been your room mom for two years now and you’re just now realizing this?” Same with my kids, they had no interest in watching Full House until about age eight or nine and now they binge watch on all the networks.

Bure: My kids are older. They’re in high school and I have one in junior high, so they love the new show. I’ve asked them, “Which one do you like better?” And they’re like “Oh Fuller House, it’s awesome.” But the perks of, all their friends all know who I am, which is fine for them but the big benefit is when the teachers figure it out. If that will help my kids get better grades, I’m like, “What do you need?” because we need some A’s in high school.

Sweetin: It’s cute, my kids came home from school the other day and one of their teachers aides was like, “I saw your mommy in the news and I saw pictures of you in the news too” and so they came out of their class and were like, “Mom! We were in the news!” I was like, “Yes I know, it was a picture of all three of us.” [My daughter] was like “No no, it was just me,” my little one. “Okay it was just you.” But they get really excited.

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