Jeff Franklin and Bob Boyett explain Steph’s heartbreaking revelation in episode 5 of Fuller House

12104986_541750602662493_1823409530_nPhoto Credit: Jodie’s Instagram

Jeff Franklin and Bob Boyett talked with about their decision on Stephanie not being able to have children. In episode 5 Stephanie reveals to DJ that she’s not able to have kids. It was such a heartbreaking scene. Jodie and Candace nailed that scene.


Jeff Franklin:

“First of all, I didn’t want Stephanie to have children,” Franklin tells us. “I wanted one of the three to not have kids. The backstory I created for her was that she’s a free spirit, traveling the world. She’s into her career and into having fun, and I thought this would be a really interesting aspect to that character — and touching. I love the way that scene played between the two girls. I thought they knocked it out of the park.”

Bob Boyett:

As for whether or not we can expect Stephanie to pursue her own family through other avenues, Boyett tells us, “That may be something that’s referenced again in the series.” (Cryptic, but we’ll take it!)

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  • Courtney

    As someone who was told they can’t have kids at 16 this hit HARD I mean God may decide other wise but it’s up to him. Now all my friends are having kids and right now I’m a way it hurts to see it but so glad I get to be part of their life.

    • Heidi

      I was told at 16 I couldn’t have kids, then for another reason at 22, but at 27 I was blessed with a healthy baby. Sometimes drs can make mistakes. I was so convinced I couldn’t get pregnant that. At 9 weeks I still didn’t know. The Drs hat to do a ct scan to find the source of the massive pain and told me I was more likely to have cancer. After a uteral altar sound and having been on morphine drip for almost the whole day, we found a very active baby.

      I want you to know that sometimes Drs make mistakes. Even after I had my baby, they still said I can’t have children. Idk, what I do know is they were wrong once…

      • Courtney

        Oh wow! I know doctors can make mistakes and I’ve been told by 4 people in 3 years the same thing. My thought is though it’s not up to me it’s up to my Lord and Savior if I have kids or not I’m just here for his purpose

      • Jane Doe

        Just so you know…. It’s ULTRA sound not altar sound

        • Kalia Carter

          Don’t be a dick, Jane.

          • Jane Doe

            Well I would want someone to correct me if I was making a mistake that made me look uneducated and unintelligent, and I do ULTRA sound as my profession so it was hard for me to not comment.

          • Kalia Carter

            There’s a time and a place, Jane. The girl’s opening up about her experience that is obviously a difficult one, so your grammar nazi act could, ya know, wait or not be said at all.

  • Jodie

    This definitely hit close to home. I can’t have kids either and my name is also Jodie. I know it’s Stephanie and not Jodie but it still felt that close to home.

  • Myste Laquinta

    I think it’s an excellent avenue to pursue, not only for those told they cannot have children, but also for children who think they won’t have parents (hint, hint, nudge nudge, c’mon writers).

  • Brandy Jenkins

    wrong sister! michelle should have been the one not to have kids and that is why she stayed in ny

  • Ethel M Biggs

    I love fuller house can’t wait for season 2

  • Jenn Blanchard Avon Rep

    Waiting on season two my family loved the first season