Candace reveals details about ‘Fuller House’


If you haven’t heard yet, John Stamos confirmed ‘Fuller House’ is greenlit which you can read about on our previous post here!

Here is what Candace revealed about ‘Fuller House”:

“We want to protect the image of ‘Full House,’” Bure, who came of age on TV as D.J., said Tuesday. “We’re all going into this with the understanding that we’re going to give the fans what the original show gave, which was good family programming that you’ll want to watch with your children.”


She also stated the producers and cast have talked about this for a while now and she believes this type of family show was attractive to Netflix.

“It is a family show,” she said. “I’m not concerned about the show taking a turn that the fans would be disappointed in.”

She viewers will laugh, cry and learn important lessons by watching the beloved characters face and overcome modern-day scenarios — much like they did during the show’s original run from 1987 to 1995.

“The show is so nostalgic. It’s still so relevant today, because it is one of the few shows that has never been off the air in 25 years,” she said. “They still learn lessons from it.”

Bure said she’s “thrilled” about the reboot, the news of which has been “blowing up” among exuberant fans.

“Fans are so excited, and I’m excited to give them a new, fresh show that I think they’ll love that centers around the same principles that everyone has come to love,” she said. “And yet it will be done with today’s current topics and situations.”

Fuller House is slated to film this summer and it’s set to be released in 2016!



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