Access Hollywood talks with Bob, Jodie, and Andrea!


Access Hollywood also has an article where they talked with Andrea, Jodie, and Bob about Fuller House! I’ve included the video here in the post but if you would like to read the article go here. Below is part of the article and I’ve also included the video.

The details on “Fuller House” are scarce but Access Hollywood can reveal something major (well, at least Stephanie Tanner major!) – Mr. Bear is back!

Access caught up with some of the stars of the “Full House” spinoff, where they told us what to expect from the Netflix show.

Jodie Sweetin, who will reprise her Stephanie role, said she’s psyched to return.

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“There’s nothing better that I could ask for then to work with the people I love and [grew] up with and get to do it all over again,” she told Access.

Source: Access Hollywood

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