Candace Cameron Bure was interviewed on Huffington Post Live.

Candace was on Huntington Post Live today. It’s a 17 minute long interview so we will just summarize that part where she talked about Fuller House which starts at 8:39 in. A fan asked her if there is anything she misses from the original Full House that she thinks should be included on Fuller House. She says that she doesn’t miss anything from it because it seems so full that they are back together again. She said the episodes that they taped so far are so fantastic and that its exceeded their expectations, and that the fans went crazy. About bonding with the cast she said they didn’t miss a beat that the cast has been pretty close so it was like a bunch of friends just getting back together and compares it to a High School reunion. She said its different now because she’s an adult and not a child so it comes from a different perspective. The cast is also really close.

A fan wants to know does she think the audience would expect from the show. Candace says that with Full House there is a family friendly television that families can sit and watch. She says there aren’t many shows that you can watch with a family no matter the age but Full House was and still is one of them. She says that Fuller House will be the same way but only dealt with current situations. Candace says that DJ is a single a mom. It revolves around the three girls: DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy.

A fan on video asked her what will be different from Full house and Fuller House. She says that the difference is that it’s flip flopped because instead of three guys raising children its going to be the girls. Candace says there isn’t much she can say. She does say that the three girls have different parenting styles and that DJ is the most strict of the group.

Candace has not spoken to Mary-Kate or Ashley but she respects their decision if they don’t want to be a part of the show even though she says it would be wonderful to have them on the show. Candace says that John Stamos is doing great. They just filmed an episode this past week and it was amazing. She said that Full House cast is her family and that they texted each other about John being away in the rehab. She says that is doing really great that she’d do anything for the cast as they are as close to her as her own family.  Her and Lori Loughlin are really greats friends and their daughters are friends too.

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Source: Huffington Post Live

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