Meet the kids playing DJ and Kimmy’s children!

Photo Credit: Candace’s Twitter

Michael Champion and Elias Harger are playing Dj’s sons. Michael will be playing her older son JD and Elias is playing “Max”, and Soni Nicole Bringas will be playing Kimmy’s daugher Ramona. You can read a description of all the kids below and go here: to see pictures of them.

Campion is playing Jackson, D.J.’s oldest son who is having a hard time coping with the loss of his father, breaking rules and stirring up some trouble. He takes after Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) in that he plays guitar and is a bit of a ladies’ man. Harger will play Max, who is very smart and curious about the world, and takes after his grandpa Danny (Bob Saget). Bringas, meanwhile, is Ramona, Kimmy’s half-Hispanic daughter, who blames her mom for breaking up with her dad (who is a troublemaker).

Source: E Online

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