[Mild Spoilers] My Fuller House Review (Written By Website Owner)

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Okay so I’m Mar (you can follow me on twitter @lionandthelamb2) , and I created the website for Fuller House because growing up Full House was my childhood. It has been my favorite show since I was a little girl (I was 3 years old when it came out) and I’ve seen the episodes so many times I’ve lost count. When Girl Meets World was green-lit I was asked to help with bmwsequel.com which is a fan-site for the show. After being involved for a year I decided to go ahead and create a site for Full House in case they ever re-booted it because at the time there were very strong rumblings of them coming out with a spin-off. My friend (the current owner of bmwsequel.com) secured the domain for me and helped me get it going. I knew that if the show ever got green-lit we’d have a big following  just as we do on the Girl Meets World site(I mean our FB has a million likes on it almost) because with having that website I was able to promote this one being that most 90’s kids who grew up with Boy Meets World also grew up with Full House.

I have to say that it has been such a looooong wait for me because like all of you I couldn’t wait to see Fuller House. I had a feeling it was going to live up to my expectations and I was RIGHT. It’s everything I could have hoped for. I loved the flashbacks, how the characters would bring up storylines that happened on the other show to tell a lesson in how they went through similar situations. I feel like my childhood is back after watching this. What I love about this show is that yes it feels like your childhood is back but it is also a show that stands on it’s own. It gives you so many Full House feels but it’s a totally different show. I personally LOVE the idea that Jeff, the writers, and cast came up with for this show. I feel it is brilliant and totally on point, especially how the characters written now that it’s the future. DJ being a vet, Kimmy a party planner, and Stephanie into music like Uncle Jesse.  I also think every single child that was cast on there as the kids are perfect! Many say that Max is a lot like Danny and I agree but I also think he is so much like Stephanie. In fact while watching Elias in the Max role it reminded me so much of a young Jodie Sweetin when she was first starting out. I LOVE Kimmy’s daughter Ramona and the relationship between mother and daughter. Soni is an amazing little actress and you can tell she studied Andrea’s role really well. Not only does she look like Andrea but she also channels Kimmy really well.  Jackson is great too and I think he is most like his Mom was growing up. I think he is a lot like Uncle Jesse which is great! He’s like a mini Uncle Jesse. As for little Tommy the twins that play him are adorable. I hope that we get a season two because it will be really interesting to see Tommy grow just like we did with Michelle.  I love the tender and heartwarming moments between the adults and the kids much like Full House had with the talks. I loved being able to see the older cast members as well. Jesse hasn’t changed at all and I love how he still puts his foot in his mouth with Becky. Joey is well Joey, and I’m glad Danny met someone and is married! The Olsen twins were missed but I’m glad that they were at least mentioned. Hopefully we get to see them next year.  I also LOVED seeing Nicky and Alex! I hope we get to see more of them next year.

Stephanie is going to be the next female version Uncle Jesse for this generation. The Uncle Jesse title never died for John Stamos and I don’t think Aunt Steph will die for this generation either. She is the coolest Aunt ever and I LOVE that she still acts much like she did 20+ years ago. Jodie Sweetin really killed me with her performances both emotional and funny. Her comedic timing is also really on point too. It’s like she never left the role and even the touching moments that were emotional she nailed it. I love that she still rags on Kimmy! I was hoping that Jeff and the writers would make it so that part of their relationship never changed.  There was a scene with her and Candace in particular that really got me almost in tears and that was in episode 5 when Stephanie revealed something very heartbreaking to her sister.  I love seeing her with her nephews as well. I have a 3 year old nephew and he’s my world so I think I relate to Stephanie the most in that way. Plus Jodie and I are really close in age!

Candace was FANTASTIC! I love seeing DJ as a Mom and it’s great seeing how she’s a lot like Danny. I love her chemistry with both Matt and Steve but I got to say I am team Steve! I really hope she realizes that he’ll always be the love of her life but if she ends up with Matt that’s okay with me too. I feel like for me DJ is the most changed because you really see her maternal instinct take over in her role. I’m sure that has a lot to do with Candace being a mom in real life too. I LOVE that DJ is a vet and think that suit’s her well. One thing that has not changed about DJ is that nothing goes over that girls head. Stephanie and Kimmy do something wrong and she catches on right away and same goes for her kids too. I love that we got to see DJ go out and live a little. Candace really killed me the most emotionally in her performance in the first episode where DJ was really struggling with everyone leaving.  There were emotional moments in regards to her struggling that we didn’t see in any of the trailers they released. It really broke my heart and Candace’s acting was brilliant.

Now last but not least we got to discuss Andrea Barber as Kimmy! All of the girls were absolutely fantastic but Andrea REALLY impressed me. For someone who has not done any acting since she left Full House she really slipped back into that Kimmy role as if she never left it. She was stand out in my opinion. Granted all the girls were fantastic but Andrea really nailed it. It is also very different seeing Kimmy as a mother.  Kimmy had the tender side to her but you always mostly seen how goofy she was. Now she’s a mom, she’s grown up, and matured quite a bit. You can see that with how she interacts with her daughter.  I loved the moment between her and Max in episode 13 when he told her that he didn’t want her to leave. It really reminded me of how Michelle was with Jesse after him and Becky got married.  There were emotional moments with Kimmy too that really got to me. The biggest one for me was when DJ pulled her into the kitchen and told her that she had punish Ramona. Andrea’s portrayal of Kimmy not wanting her daughter to hate her was so real. I almost cried there. We saw that side of Kimmy in the orginal but she was mostly goofy. I love that we are seeing a more emotional side to Kimmy and Andrea really pulls it off well.  I also want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kimmy’s ex! Oh my god they couldn’t have picked anyone better. They are SOOO good together and he is hot as hell too!

Two of the funniest moments for me was when Steve and Matt accidentally kissed then Kimmy kissed Stephanie! LOL the looks on Kimmy and Stephanie’s faces when Matt and Steve kissed was priceless and made me laugh even harder. As for the Kimmy and Stephanie kiss I did not see that coming! I mean Steve and Matt kissing was funny but Kimmy kissing Stephanie was so unexpected and hilarious.

Over all I LOVED the show and I can’t wait to see more of it. I think I loved it so much that I am going to go back and re-watch it over again this weekend. Great job to the cast, crew, Jeff, and the writers for giving us back our childhood! Such an incredible show.


  1. I agree with you 100% and am happy to see so many other fans appreciating the series despite what the expert “critics” have said. The quick rendition of “Forever” made my heart so happy!

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