ABC’s ratings dropped on the Fuller House release day

vlcsnap-2016-01-15-17h28m50s014-1 has an article on their website about how the ratings for ABC network dropped on Friday which was the same day Fuller House was released on Netflix. Could Fuller House’s release had an effect on their ratings?


ABC has been the top-rated network among young adults on Fridays this season, but the network’s lineup took a hit last night — and Netflix’s reboot of “Full House” may be partially to blame.

Netflix, of course, doesn’t release ratings data, but it only stands to reason that a much-anticipated reboot of a popular ABC comedy that aired mostly on Fridays during its lengthy run would impact television ratings the day (which happened to be a Friday) it was released. The streaming company released all 13 episodes early Friday morning, but it’s likely that it wasn’t until Friday night that many got their first chance to relax and unwind with the new installments.

“Fuller House” has generated significant social-media buzz ever since the project was officially announced last April. In December, Netflix released the first trailer for “Fuller House,” which racked up 5.5 million YouTube views in its first day and more than 14 million views to date. The one-minute teaser also became the most viewed video on Netflix’s official YouTube channel.

Overall television usage levels were low Friday night, according to Nielsen, with just 25.9% of adults 18-49 watching during any average minute from 8 to 11. These numbers tend to be move glacially from week to week, so even a 3% decline from Feb. 19 (26.7) was noticeable, and it made for the lowest tune-in for any Friday since Dec. 18.


  1. Let me start this out by stating that I’m a 33 year old mother of 1 who’s been a fan since the Original Full House came out. Now having got that out of the way, I will continue with my review of the show…

    Maybe I’m mean for this… but I seriously find this funny lol – that ABC’s ratings were down on the same day Fuller House premiered. I’ve already watched ALL 13 EPISODES and I’m, now, watching them again! My 7 year old son pops in from time to time and catches a glimpse of the show, watching for maybe 5 minutes (in his defense he IS ADHD and it’s hard to get him to be still to begin with). But I mentioned Max’s character to him, who I explained as being a funny little dude and that Peace, my son (his real name, by the way), should watch the show because he would probably like Max. Which, I think that would be awesome as I watched Full House at around (or close to) his age and to see 2 generations of Full/Fuller House fans would be awesome to me!!

    A lot of the buzz/hype is probably from fans from the original Full House. We grew up with Candace (DJ), Jodie (Stephanie), Andrea (Kimmy) and Mary-Kate & Ashley (Michelle). I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel like they’re family just as they think of themselves as family. It was nice seeing them (minus Michelle) all grown up, kids of their own, and living in the same house they “grew up in”. It was like going back in time with a little bit of a today’s world spin. I absolutely LOVE Fuller House and all the cast members, including the new ones!! And, I’d have to disagree with John Stamos (Jesse) – they don’t just all still look good… they look awesome!! They’re all aging gracefully, in my opinion!!!

    I love how Fuller House is a mirrored image of Full House – same house, same scenario. The only difference is It’s a widowed woman raising 3 boys rather than a widowed man raising 3 girls. And, rather than it being DJ’s sister n law coming in to help raise the boys, like Jesse did with Danny with the girls, it’s her actual sister. And then you have the obvious differences – like the more up to date technology and they’re more laid back – Even Bob Saget (Danny)… I swear, even at the young age I was, I’d sit and think “what is wrong with this man? Why is he constantly cleaning?” and thought he’d NEVER be as laid back as he is in Fuller House.

    As for seeing Michelle back on the show… Yeah, it would be nice if she made, at least, a one time visit on the show. But even without Mary-Kate and Ashley, the show is still VERY AWESOME!!! I was a little skeptical at first, thinking that it’s been so long and that the fans may have grown up and grown out of Full House, but the very first episode of Fuller House changed my mind. And then I saw the ratings and how well it’s done just for the first 3 days of being on Netflix. I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I’ve seen on my timeline alone that were talking about the show, posting that they were watching it (this included me too lol). I stumbled across a “hater” post on my timeline, but I have only seen ONE hater’s post and honestly… their opinions really don’t matter.

    I am looking forward to Season 2, which I’m sure there will be a season 2. I haven’t been this tuned in to Netflix since I finished watching all the episodes they had for Law & Order SVU… and I didn’t even watch them over again! I’m so glad to see the cast back together and on camera.

    In conclusion… I gotta say – I’m actually grateful that the majority of the cast agreed to get together and do Fuller House. I anticipated the premier of the show and it was well worth the wait. To whom it may concern – PLEASE agree to do a second season and a 3rd, and a 4th, and so on lol. Those who hate, let em hate. They’re expecting the “old” Full House crew… Danny Tanner the over compulsive neat freak, the cute and innocent Stephanie and DJ, the annoying neighbor girl Kimmy, the young Steve who can’t seem to get enough to eat… But they’re all grown up and a little bit more laid back, very fitting for the way today’s world is. With all the technology and things being so much different from when Full House was originally aired… You gotta keep up with the times and I think they’ve all done an awesome job at portraying it in the new show.

    Like I said, I’m grateful they’re back and I’m anxiously awaiting Season 2!!

    By the way… every time I watch it, I always think of Melanie C (Sporty Spice) of the Spice Girls… Jodie Sweetin looks so much like her only with blonde hair!! I swear she could pass as her twin lol.

  2. I loved them and also have watched all 13 epidodes. They are so funny and fantastic! I’m 31 and my family doesn’t have cable, but we do have Netflix and we watched the Fuller House together and loved it, laughed a lot, and longed for more! Friday night must have been a date night for a lot of people! Don’t be discouraged with the ratings! Fuller House was a success, if you want my opinion!

  3. I thought Fuller house was really really good.I really an joyed it. would say it a keeper for sure. Why do all that heard work and not make more epidodes. I’m Like Lindsey here i watched all 13 epidodes in like two days. Best show ever. Love it!!!

  4. If i had to rate this show i would rate this shoot 110% Excellent show every!!! What would everyone else rate? Idk but i’m not sure i want to find out. All that Matters is this is the best show right now on netflix and should go on hulu plus as well. haha.

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