Jeff Franklin Reveals that Fuller House almost didn’t happen as well as why it’s not on TV

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Jeff Franklin talked with about how Fuller House almost didn’t happen. He said he’s been trying to make a re-boot for 7 years now and the networks just weren’t interested in it. He said Netflix finally stepped up and talked about how he’s actually happy that it’s on Netflix. We’ve quoted some of the article below.


Jeff on how Fuller House almost didn’t happen:

“I started back in 2007 with this idea and I’ve been trying to get it set up, off and on — it took six or seven years for me to get this going,” Franklin admits, telling Variety that he sat in numerous unsuccessful pitch meetings for a “Full House” reboot.

“I knew that this kind of excitement was going to be there, but nobody else seemed to get it,” he continues. “I was pitching to networks that ‘Full House’ reruns were beating every night — we were airing 40 times a week and getting millions and millions of viewers. For some reason, a whole bunch of networks didn’t understand the hunger that was out there for this show. It was baffling me. Netflix finally stepped up, and that’s why it’s happening now. It could have happened seven years or eight years ago, but it didn’t.”

Jeff on what kind of viewers the show is targeted at:

“I worked really hard to design this show to appeal to ‘Full House’ viewers. Those are the people who are going to be the most excited. That’s our main audience,” he says. “I think people that don’t know the show will enjoy it too, but really this is a show for the fans — this is ‘Full House’ 2.0.”

As for landing at Netflix, Franklin has the everything-happens-for-a-reason mindset.

“Somehow Netflix makes it more exciting. I love that it’s on Netflix now because I don’t think there would be the same kind of excitement if it were just going on some cable channel every week,” he says. “Initially, I had sort of mixed feelings about it. I come from a different time where we’re used to putting on one show per week and seeing ratings and hyping what’s going on in the show this week. This is completely different, but it’s exactly what the audience is used to today. The only thing I’m going to miss is knowing exactly how many people are watching this thing — cause Netflix isn’t going to tell me.”


  1. Perfect example of what Girl Meets World could have been with competent writers and vision. They need to take that awful excuse for a show off the air and start over. I’m willing to forget it ever happened if they give us a real show.

    • this is an asinine comparison – you’re comparing a disney show with netflix. there’s ZERO chance girl meets world could ever tackle some of the stuff fuller house is likely to as long as it’s on disney channel…

      btw, as someone who grew up watching (and loving) boy meets world, both my wife and i LOVE girl meets world.

        • Sounds like you just want BMW all over again. If that’s true just watch reruns of of BMW. GMW was made for kids and teens today and has done a good job of handling some up to date things. Where as Fuller House was made for the original fans. If you don’t like the show just don’t watch it.

          • Well all they’re doing is spitting in the face of Boy Meets World. Needs to be taken off the air and the world needs to ensure that these disgraceful writers never get jobs again as long as they live.

          • Nice to see you are just being a troll. Have fun complaining about a show that if you truly didn’t like you wouldn’t watch, and from the sound of it you watch it just like those of us that do like it. It’s so simple don’t like it, don’t watch. I’m ok with they said from the start that this wouldn’t just be a remake of BMW, where as Fuller House is.

          • People who actually think girl meets world is even an adequate show belong in special ed.

        • With all due respect, you obviously have no clue how television works. They can’t just take it off Disney Channel and put it onto another a network. A network has to be interested in it in order for them to do that.

          • girl meets world has actually been pretty good not as good as boy meets world but pretty good and also if fuller house wasn’t being renewed and girl meets world is for season 3 i would be pissed but considering i know fuller house is getting renewed im not annoyed but i think the critics were f&&king harsh to fuller house.

    • You’re comparing a show that is built for a teenage audience (Girl Meets World) that is on a network devoted to teenagers and a younger demographic and comparing it to a show written for older fans on a platform created for everyone (Netflix). You can’t even compare it.

  2. Loving the show so far. Balled my eyes out when it premiered. Very pleasantly surprised to see that the writing is good and funny, and that all of the actors are funny as well. Hoping the show is popular and that a Season 2 is made.

  3. Beyond elated! I hope it gets several seasons ! Glad my kids will have the newer series like we had the original, its kind of perfect and completely ideal programming. I dont allow my kids to watch most t.v programs that are on in this day and age..infact they are allowed to watch less than a handful & we dont have cable .. so Thank you Netflix!!!

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