Scott Weinger (Steve) talks Fuller House with ETOnline

11355788_1642712152612526_826053559_nPhoto Credit: Scott Weinger’s Instagram

Scott sat down with ETOnline to talk about Fuller House. You can see the short interview below.

Source: ETOnline 

Scott Weinger is going back to his ’90s roots in Netflix’s Fuller House revival series, and for the 40-year-old actor, the return to the Tanner family’s San Francisco home could not be more bizarre.

“The first day we were all walking around in a daze,” Weinger told ET. “I bumped into Bob [Saget] and we were like, ‘What are we doing here? This is crazy.’ Then, the second day, we were all just sitting around drinking coffee like, ‘Hey how’s it going? What’d you do last night?'”

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