Jeff Franklin talks Fuller House with Glamour Magazine

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Jeff Franklin did an interview with Glamour Magazine and talked a lot about Fuller House. He seems very hopeful that they will get more seasons! I personally loved what he had to say about Andrea and Jodie’s chemistry! It’s so true.  We quoted some of the interview below but you can read the rest of it by going here:

Glamour: Netflix gave the press the first six episodes a few months ago. When I started watching the pilot of Fuller House, I kid you not, my first thought was, Oh, Netflix is showing us the pilot of the original series first. This is great!
Jeff: But you then saw the 29 Years Later part, right?
Glamour: Of course, yes. I just loved that you weren’t afraid of referencing the past. Immediately I thought, OK, us die-hard fans will be taken care of.
Jeff: Aww, thank you.
Glamour: Was it your decision to mimic the opening credits with the cast members from then and now?
Jeff: Yeah. [Laughs]

Glamour: Danny is married; so is Joey. Will we find out how they came to meet their spouses at all through the first season?
Jeff: Hopefully, we will have more seasons to delve into some of the legacy characters’ backstories and fill in a little more of that. There’s only so much time, so we weren’t able to really fill in everything that’s happened to them in the last 20 years. I’m hoping as time goes by, we’ll get more chances. Netflix is an extremely bright group of people, and I can’t imagine that they would somehow not pick the show up!

Glamour: How difficult was it to cast DJ’s kids and Ramona? What was that process like?
Jeff: That was the hardest part, obviously, because those little girls we found on Full House were once in a lifetime. It was magic beyond magic. The bar was raised so high. I kept really telling myself to forget that we had found such amazing kids and really just try to find the best kids for that character and hope for the best. So, we looked around a lot.
Glamour: How many kids did you go through? [Laughs] Sheesh, it sounds like they go through a car-wash. But no, how many did you read?
Jeff: [Laughs] We looked at hundreds.
Glamour: I know that Andrea (Barber) hasn’t acted in forever, but she hasn’t lost a bit of her comedic timing. You would think she’s been doing this consecutively since the series ended.
Jeff: We sold the show without a pilot, we sold the show without a script, we sold the show without putting those three girls together and letting them read two pages of dialogue and just to see what we had, so when we started on the stage, I really had no idea how it was gonna feel, what it was gonna be like. Jodie and Andrea had not been on a sitcom in 20 years or really acted in 20 years. I mean, Jodie had done a few things here and there, but not on a sitcom, and that’s its own little animal. I was nervous to see how it was gonna work, and I was blown away. Not just that they still had the timing, they’re hilarious, they have amazing chemistry together, they can rip your heart out. Just having lived with those characters for eight years, people feel like they know them, and it’s so much fun to see who they’ve become.

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