We’re getting the second season sooner than we think!

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E! News caught up with John Stamos who told them that there are already 10 scripts written for the second season of Fuller House. He said they put a rush on it so they can release the second season earlier! This is such awesome news!

Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/761053/fuller-house-season-2-is-coming-sooner-than-you-expected

We see you, Fuller House fans. Netflix finally released its reboot of Full House, and instead of savoring every moment you went ahead and binged the whole thing in an afternoon, leaving you hungry for new episodes. There are no judgments here. This is a safe space. But we would like to inform you that those new episodes are coming sooner than you might’ve expected.

“The fans of the show loved the show. They renewed [it] within, like, a day,” Fuller House star and executive producer John Stamos tells E! News. “They actually sort of put a rush on it. I don’t think they’ve announced the dates, but they’re going to be a lot sooner than we released last year’s.”

Hear that? More Fuller House! And soon!

“Last year we had a very fast prep time to get the scripts and stories done. This year we got ahead of it and I think, out of the 13 I feel like there’s already like 10 scripts done,” the Grandfathered star says. “The writers are really working hard over there and they’re great.”

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