Adam Hagenbuch has been cast as Kimmy Gibbler’s brother

12822318_1719437461665017_1638022338_nPhoto Credit: Katie Leclerc’s (Daphne on Switched at Birth)Instagram

Adam Hagenbuch will be playing Kimmy Gibbler’s brother in Season 2 of Fuller House. Many of you might recognize Adam as Mingo from FreeForm’s “Switched at Birth” or as Ashton Kutcher in the Britney Murphey movie that was on Lifetime. Go to the source link to see a picture of Adam.

Source: EOnline

Kimmy Gibbler’s (Andrea Barber) brother is coming to Netflix’s Fuller House season two, and it sounds like he’s going to make quite an impression.

Switched at Birth star Adam Hagenbuch will be playing Jimmy, who is described as very much a male version of Kimmy, E! News has learned. He will have a significant recurring guest role when season two drops in December.

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