John Stamos Recieves Lifetime Award from Founders of Childhelp

Photo Credit: John’s Instagram

Congratulations to John Stamos who has received a lifetime achievement award from the Founders of Childhelp Yvonne Lime and Sara O’Meara.  Childhelp is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. The organization was founded in 1959 by two wonderful women named Yvonne Lime and Sara O’Meara. For more information on Childhelp. please visit the website here

John Stamos Facebook post states:

” I’m humbled to accept a lifetime achievement award from two women who have dedicated every day of their lives to rescuing abused and neglected children for almost 60 years. Thank you Sara and Yvonne, the Childhelp

Of the ten million children saved by Childhelp, I’ve met thousands, and to me, this award is not a prize that I’ll look at for my own participation, but something that represents my favorite moments with these amazing children.

It is a reflection of the happy times – their smiles, their bravery and their sweetness. It is a reminder of their fears, their pain and their challenges.
As I anticipate fatherhood, I have enormous gratitude for the lessons I continue to learn from these boys and girls each year.

In a time that’s becoming more and more difficult to be optimistic, I look at these kids who have seen the worst life can dish out and they still believe the best in people. They have been injured beyond imagination and still they retain the desire to dream. They have been denied affection, yet somehow they give love with all their hearts.

It is unbelievable to me that today, tomorrow and the day after that, a report of abuse will be made every ten seconds and five children will die each day.
The boys and girls I meet through Childhelp, despite their trauma and stories of heartbreak, are the lucky ones. They’re the ones who lived through it, the ones who are now safe. Thanks to Childhelp, and all of you – they have futures.

I plan to pass on a lot to my son or daughter: My father’s work ethic, my mother’s compassion, my fiancée’s huge heart, and if I can offer the best part of who I’ve been over the years, it will be this: a lifetime of service to something greater than oneself; a lifetime dedicated to the love of a child. If I get this right, I’ll be sitting out there one day watching the man or woman I’ve raised accept this very award.

Thank you for this honor.” – John Stamos – Facebook 1/14/2018

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