Fuller House will be back for a Season 4!

Photo Credit: Netflix

It’s time to celebrate! Netflix announced today that Fuller House has bee renewed for a Season 4! We can’t wait to see what happens next. Especially with Kimmy being pregnant!


  1. I am not moving Thi Thuy’s Trang Nguyen’s stuff! Get rid of all of my stuff right now I think we are still Ted III, Ted IV, Lisa, Tommy, and I, though! Just only cardboard boxes of newly released videos to sell on eBay if I already saw it before several, many, many times! I think my room is only a mattress and 4K TV player until I order a new room for myself!

  2. I wasn’t talking about Gia’s little sister yet but I was talking about wacky twin scenarios with Michelle looking for her twin and I was also talking about a guy and girl twin turning into the opposite sex like they were in Ice Angel!

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