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  1. Please don’t end the show!!!! I wanted to see the kids grow up! I wanted to see Dj ,Steve, Stephanie, jimmy get married
    I’m so in love with this show! Please please don’t let it end

  2. Love this show big fan since I was a kid I wanted to try out and maybe be on it would love to play a roll where ican date Ramona and love Jackson aslo followed DJ on the view she and Stephanie are the best and even Kimmy big fan

  3. Does anyone know anything about the poster hanging in Jackson fuller’s bedroom? It has a yellow background and image of a duo…I can’t read the writing on it but it looks like it says ” electric ash” and “electric electric” in the background…

    it has an image of 2 women, one with glasses and another with long hair…it looked like an edgy electro pop duo….I looked up electric ash and it’s a 4-5 member 60’s cover band but they dont match the poster…does anyone know anything about it? Thanks!!

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