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About Mar (Website Owner)

Hey guys I’m Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-uh) but everyone that knows me calls me “”Mar”. I’m 31 years old and I created the website. A year or so after being asked to help admin on I decided to make a Full House website as well because I figured if Boy Meets World was doing a spin off that I would secure a website in case Full House did one as well. I knew that there been talks for years and Full House is my childhood – a show that I remember watching when I was 3 years old. I own the entire DVD Boxset and have seen all of the episodes more times than I can even count. Full House was everything to me growing up so as when Fuller House was green lit I was beyond excited. I decided promote our Full House website and social media accounts on the Girl Meets World Facebook page that we have for I figured that a lot of fans that grew up with Boy Meets World would be thrilled about Full House because that was always on TGIF’s along with Boy Meets World. I also knew that we had gained a big following with that website and knew how much the fans loved us keeping up them to date so I knew they’d be thrilled we were running a website for Fuller House as well.

My favorite shows are Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Baby Daddy, and Dancing With The Stars. During the week I babysit my 2 year old nephew who is my absolute pride and joy. When I’m not watching him, my hobbies include relaxing, helping Sef with the Girl Meets World website, updating you all on Fuller House, and spending time with my family and two cats.

About Natalie (Site Admin)

Hey guys! I’m Natalie, but a lot of my close friends call me Tali. I’m 22 years old, grew up in California. I became friends with Sef and Mar shortly after they started taping Girl Meets World. I went to the tapings. I started watching Boy Meets World during TGIF with my brothers when I was a little kid and have grown up loving the show ever since. I am so thankful they decided to make Girl Meets World because it’s brought back my love for sitcoms and I can’t wait to see the journey Michael Jacobs and the cast take us on.

I go to school full time as a Communications major with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism. I interned at Walt Disney World for a year and now I’m working part time at a local restaurant. Girl Meets World literally takes up all of my down time, but you won’t see me complaining about that! If I do ever take a break from any of the three aforementioned things it’s usually to travel, go to concerts, Disney Parks or to hang out with friends. Thank you all so much for the love and support you give us, we really wouldn’t have gotten to do so many amazing things without all of you!