Fuller House Season 3 Cast Press Tour (Interviews)

Photo Credit: Candace’s Instagram Bob, Dave, Candace, Jodie, and Andrea were on GMA and The View this morning discussing season 3 of Fuller House. The show premieres on Nextflix in 4 days and we are so excited. Check out their interviews below for some inside scoop about this coming season! I have also included some …

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Fuller House is currently casting Joey’s wife and kids!

Photo Credit: Dave Coulier’s Instagram According to TVLine.com casting is currently underway for the role of “Ginger Gladstone” and their four their children. The Netflix comedy is set to introduce Joey’s wife Ginger, an “enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician,” TVLine has learned. We’ll meet her in the season’s sixth episode, during which the Gladstones crash the Fuller/Tanner/Gibblers’ …

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Joey, Danny, Nicky and Alex are back for the Thanksgiving episode

John Stamos put a photo on Snap Chat of him with Blake and Dylan on set of Fuller House. We assume it is for the Thanksgiving episode due toe the fact that Andrea Babrer also updated her Snap Chat today with a picture of the Thanksigivng episode script.

Jeff Franklin reveals to TVLine that Joey has a family!

Photo Credit: Dave’s Instagram Joey has a wife and kids in Vegas! Jeff says he’s going to write them in for Season 2 if they get one. This should be really interesting! Source: http://tvline.com/gallery/fuller-house-season-2-photos-michelle-returns/#!7/fuller-house-season-2-joey/

Fuller House cast interview from the Netflix Premiere

Photo Credit: Candace’s Facebook Hollywire TV interviewed some of the cast at the Netflix premiere that was held in Hollywood last week. You can watch the interview below: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i6paFyNHCg

Dave Coulier talks Fuller House in new interview

Photo Credit: Dave’s Instagram Dave was recently interviewed by avclub.com about several different shows that he has done. Full House was obviously the first thing they talked about. You can read his where he talked about Full/Fuller House below: Source: http://www.avclub.com/article/dave-coulier-fuller-house-muppet-babies-and-living-232316 A.V. Club: Having watched the first few episodes of Fuller House, allow me to say …

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Fuller House Premiere Media Interview’s Master Post

Photo Credit: Candace’s Facebook There is a lot of Fuller House news due to the premiere that was held last night at the Grove in Los Angeles. There is so much that I’m made a master post because I think it will be easier to navigate. To read the rest of the articles click on …

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Fuller House to premiere Febuary 26th on Netflix; check out the new teaser video

Photo Credit: Jodie’s Instagram Get your Netflix subscriptions ready! Fuller House comes out on February 26h on Netflix! Check out the powerful teaser trailer below:

More pictures from the Fuller House cast!

We thought we would share some more updates from the cast. It’s so much fun seeing all the pictures that they have been sharing! We also have heard from people who have attended tapings that the show and writing is on point. They say that the older fans are going to love the show. Source: …

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